Thursday, April 29, 2010

On the Road...

Last Saturday morning my friend Rosemary and I boarded this very fine bus headed for Chicago on a culinary tour of some of the established neighborhoods. I was worried that the cooler I took was too big, but after the first stop at the Chicago Fish Market, I was worried that it was too small. It was a very busy day as we made four stops, the first one at the aforementioned fish market where I bought lovely fresh scallops, tuna, swordfish, and grouper.

Our next stop was at Conte Di Savoia in Little Italy. I went nuts in this place;
Homemade Italian sausage
Homemade mozzarella
Coppa salami
Porcini stuffed tortellone
Portobello stuffed gnocchi
Chicken, portobello, red pepper stuffed ravioli
Several different shapes of homemade pasta

I had to stop myself. Rosemary bought a loaf of bread that was almost as tall as she was. I was going to take pictures of my wonderful haul of goodies, but by the time we arrived home I was pooped. I portioned it all up and put it in the freezer for many delicious meals to come. Part of the mozzarella and sausage turned in to this for supper Tuesday.

Our next stop was the Mexican Village. Unfortunately we picked the wrong place to eat lunch and most of our time was spent eating a long mediocre lunch. We did hit the market with all it's produce and meats that are not available in this area. The one upside to being short on time was that it limited me to a mad dash through the heavenly bakery. You've have to love a bakery that you pick up a pizza pan and tongs when you walk in and then just roam around and pick up all the wonderful offerings.

Next stop Chinatown. We arrived just in time to hit the Noodle Co. and get a big box of homemade noodles. By this time my cooler is stuffed and there is absolutely no more room, so that saved me from buying anything else... except the gigantic cream horns from the bakery.

We had a great day and now I will have too drive to Chicago to get more grouper and mozzarella and sausage....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Yummy Breakfast

Well it's been a while, but I'm back. I started back to school full time at the beginning of the year and the blog got kicked to the side. It must be spring in the air but I've been getting the itch to post. I named this blog Verbarrhea when I first started it because I thought it would be about my different interest and the stupid stuff that spews from my mouth or in this case fingers. But it ended up with mostly food. While it will continue to have lots of food (and my terrible food photography), I intend to make it what I had originally intended. The Little Buddy and I have started to change the way we eat, so I'll talk about the changes we are making to have a healthier diet and the economic side effect of eating healthy. I've heard many people say it's too expensive to eat a fresh diet, I think their wrong so I'm going to track it. Not to mention we put together our raised bed garden yesterday, I'm very exited to get started and can't wait for all the great veggies that are going to be coming our way.

On to the yummy open faced spinach and egg muffin. This is sooo good, I'm going to have to stop myself from eating it every day this week, I've already had it twice. This dish caught my eye as I was thumbing through Everyday Food. It looked delicious and would add some greens to my diet, it also met my other criteria of being quick. The garlic and the spinach go so well with the poached egg, you must give this a try it's so good. There really isn't a need for a recipe. While your egg is poaching, toast a muffin(Everyday Food used some sort of bread) in a pan or toaster, then slice one small garlic clove thinly add to a pan with a tsp. or so of oil after about a minute toss in a handful of spinach and toss until done. Assemble, add some fruit and eat the yummiest breakfast you'll have this week and it's pretty healthy.