Friday, June 26, 2009

Mini Java Monkey Muffins, Peach Muffins

I love muffins. I prefer the moist dense muffins as apposed to the light airy cakey muffins, something more substantial. I ran across this recipe for Java Monkey Muffins while checking out My Own Sweet Thyme. This recipe intrigued me as it used coconut milk in place of oil and it only had 3 tablespoons of sugar.

Since the temperature has been in the 90's all week and I didn't feel like firing up the big oven I made mini-muffins in my little convection oven. These turned out well and had great texture. The coconut and the coconut milk added a lot of moisture and texture without imparting a lot of coconut flavor.

After The Little Buddy and I scarfed down the mini-muffins I decided to experiment with the recipe. All I had on hand at the time were some peaches. Using the same recipe only substituting 1 cup of peaches in place of the bananas. For the frosting I exchanged cinnamon for the coffee. They were pretty good, I must admit peaches are not my first or even second choice in muffins.

I think this base recipe has a lot of room for experimentation. I'm going to try apple next. One of my favorites, or maybe pear and candied ginger.



finsmom said...

Just look at that yummy glaze! These could become new favourites at our house! Yum!

Mary said...

That glaze is really spectacular. Thanks for letting us know about these. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jaynie said...

I think it was the glaze that first caught my eye on My Own Sweet Thyme. Thanks for stopping by

Ann said...

Awesome and the picture is soo perfect to tempt anyone. Lovely recipe, 'll have to try this soon.

Lisa said...

Your muffins look yummy! I have really enjoyed this recipe. It is a variation of sorts on a recipe for Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins that I picked up at the farmer's market last year. I love the low sugar content. It leaves the muffins tasting clean and satisfying.

Thanks for the nod. I vote for pear and candied ginger as the next try. That combination sounds delightful!

Anonymous said...
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