Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lighter General Tso's Chicken

I love Chinese food and am always looking for new recipes. I found this in a recent issue of Everyday Food, that it was a lighter version of one of my Chinese buffet favorites was a bonus.

I chunked the chicken and added it to the egg white and corn starch, while the pan was heating. Then I started the rice in the cooker. While the chicken was frying I put together the sauce and it was ready to go when the chicken was done. Everything came together right on time. This is about a 30 minute meal.

The light coating on the chicken was excellent. It was substantial enough to hold the sauce, but it didn't have the flour taste or heaviness of the normal breading. I hate it when I bite into a piece of chicken and instead get a big gob of semi-cooked breading.

The sauce was very flavorful. You could taste all the components, soy, garlic, ginger all in the traditional sweetness expected of General Tso's, finished with a kick from the pepper flakes.

This is definitely a keeper. Next time I think I will substitute some broccoli for some of the pea pods, not much maybe just a crown, and maybe add just a few red pepper strips. I could also replace some of the sugar with some pineapple, and use thighs instead of breast, or maybe I should just leave it alone.....nah.

Since I haven't adapted it yet, the recipe can be found here at Everyday Food.



Mary said...

Jaynie, this is a lovely, lighter recipe. It looks delicious.

finsmom said...

What an awesome family meal! Sounds great!