Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jalepeno corn

Fresh corn isn't really ready around here until next month, so I picked some up at the store. After shucking, it didn't look as juicy and plump as good corn on the cob should. So I threw a couple of tablespoons of butter in a skillet and added a diced jalapeno and sauteed on low while I cut the corn off of 5 small ears. Toss the corn in the pan with a little salt and pepper to taste and cook on lowish heat for about 5 minutes. You don't want to fry the corn just add some moisture back in with the butter and soften it up a bit. The best way to describe it would probably be al dente. You can add a bit more butter if doesn't look moist enough.

This is really good, the predominant taste is the corn, then the butter and then just enough heat from the jalapeno for a little kick but it doesn't detract from the corn taste.



Mary said...

This is a great idea for less than perfect corn. Blessings...Mary

finsmom said...

Sounds delicious to me! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I wish I'd found you yesterday! I just threw three ears of corn to the pigs that would have possibly been revived by your creativity! Bummer. P.S. I'm a little warped too!
Jessie at Blog Schmog (fellow PW reader)